Havermout eiwit pannenkoeken (3 stuks)

Oatmeal protein pancakes (3 pieces)

Oatmeal pancakes are a great alternative to bread. And especially if you combine them with fruit, you have a fresh and healthy breakfast or lunch. In addition, oatmeal contains more complex carbohydrates than bread, so that you are full for longer. Because the pancakes are also full of proteins, they fit perfectly into a healthy lifestyle!



  1. The great thing about this recipe is that you can easily make it in your shaker cup. So no hassle with mixers. Put the oatmeal, the protein powder , the milk and the egg in your shaker and shake everything until you get a nice pancake batter.
  2. Add oil or butter to a frying pan and cook the pancakes over low heat for a few minutes. As soon as you can move the pancake around in the pan, it's time to flip it!

The above recipe is for vanilla or banana pancakes. You can adjust the recipe to taste by mixing in other flavors of protein powder. You could replace the semi-skimmed milk with soy milk or almond milk.