Clear Whey Protein - Protein Powder - 20 servings

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Flavour Watermelon Breeze
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  • High-quality, fast-absorbing isolate
  • No milky taste, texture, or foam
  • Promotes the growth of lean muscle mass
  • Optimizes nitrogen retention
  • Increases protein synthesis
  • Faster recovery
  • Non-GMO and no fillers or additives
  • No soy, lactose, gluten or hormones
  • 100% Transparency on label


NutraBio is known for its great protein powder flavors, but even this one had us smiling from ear to ear. Unlike most protein powders in the market, NutraBio Clear Whey Protein Isolate exceeds your expectation to a new level.

If you've tried "Clear" proteins in the past, you've probably experienced the overwhelming foam that comes with it. After mixing a protein shake with "the other 'Clear' WPI powders", you are left with a shaker bottle full of foam that you have to foam before drinking. This drastically changes the taste, texture, consistency and overall experience. Our new process removes the excess foam, leaving you with a clear and refreshing protein shake and allows us to introduce a new range of flavors the industry has never seen before.

Clear Whey Protein Isolate is packed with the highest quality whey protein isolate, delivering a full 20 grams per serving. This WPI90 uses a CFM low temperature, cross-flow ultra and microfiltration process, a non-destructive method used to preserve and protect the protein, ultimately providing you with a better and higher quality protein source.

When you're looking for a fast-digesting source of protein that can help boost recovery and maximize muscle growth, look no further than this refreshing new twist on the whey isolate category.

Post-workout is the perfect time to feed your muscles with the nutrients they need to properly rebuild broken muscle fibers, and with a whey protein isolate you get the fastest digestibility and absorption compared to many other protein sources available. NutraBio Clear Whey Protein Isolate can help you optimize nitrogen retention, support protein synthesis and allow you to add the high quality lean muscle mass you desire.

NutraBio Clear Whey Protein Isolate gives you everything you want, and none of the junk you don't. This protein powder is free of fillers, artificial colors, preservatives, hormones, gluten, added sugar, soy, and is not genetically modified. Moreover, it has a transparent label, so you know with confidence what exactly you put in your body.


Unlike the milky texture, consistency and foam you get from other protein powders, NutraBio Clear Whey Protein Isolate offers a whole new experience that is more like a refreshing fruit juice. You don't have to wait for the foam to clear and no strange texture is left on your tongue, throat and mouth.

The light and invigorating tropical flavors not only quench your thirst, but can also provide your muscles with the quality protein they need to grow and recover properly from intense exercise.

NutraBio Clear Whey Protein Isolate is so delicious it will make your mouth water and leave you wanting more. Clear Whey Protein Isolate is a protein powder that you will want to drink daily.

With Clear Whey Protein Isolate, our advanced manufacturing process helps remove the lactose, leaving you with a lactose-free whey protein isolate that's easier on your stomach and more digestible compared to other whey powders.

This whey isolate protein powder is NOT amino or nitrogen spiked and does NOT contain whey concentrate, maltodextrin, dextrose, creamer or other fillers. What you see on the label is what you get - a pure and clear whey protein isolate.


Add one scoop to 350ml of cold water or your favorite beverage in a shaker cup or blender and blend for 25-30 seconds. Vary the amount of liquid to achieve the desired flavor and consistency.