Lyman Good

Team NutraBio Member
  • Pro Record 19-3
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt.
  • Bellator World Welterweight Champion
  • Holds wins over UFC vets Nah-Shon Burrell, Dante Rivera, Hector Urbina, Mike Dolce
  • Nine wins by KO, three wins by submission
  • Inducted into the NJ MMA Hall of Fame 2015
  • NB Athlete since 2016

Born and raised in NYC. I've been training since 2004 with Team Tiger Schulmann's and currently a 2nd Degree Black Belt. I'm a Professional MMA Fighter. I've competed and won in the International Fight League at the Izod Center in NJ, competed in Chuck Norris' World Combat League kickboxing promotion and won all three fights, became Bellator World Welterweight Champion, CFFC Welterweight Champion, and now fighting for the UFC. I was honored with an induction into the NJ MMA Hall of Fame in 2015. I'm also a proud owner and devoted full time instructor of Tiger Schulmann's MMA in Chelsea, NYC.

I'm proud to be a NB athlete because of the level of devotion and loyalty the team has for their brand is parallel with my passion towards health and fitness. I also feel a strong sense of family with their team and I love their dedication to their athletes and getting them the most optimized nutrition possible to get them game ready! They have a very pure culture with their brand and relationships.